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Published on August 03, 2022

Thematics trail

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Buhui Lake Contour thematic trail - with a length of 3 km, laid out in 2021, on the Anina UAT radius in the Buhui lake area with the name "Buhui Lake Contour". Currently this thematic route is not homologated.
Possible activities on the thematic route:
- Recreational walking, in the circuit;
- Running, in the circuit;
- Hike on the left side of the lake (blue stripe route Reşiţa – Cheile Minişului;
- Relaxation.
- Photographing the landscape in all seasons, species of trees, birds, amphibians,
reptiles, insects, etc.;
-  Plastic art;
- Acquiring knowledge about tree species, aquatic species and geology;
- Understanding the history and evolution of human activities in the Anina area;
- Information on the hydrotechnical parameters of the Buhui dam and reservoir.
- Carrying out educational activities with pupils and students, with the theme: biology, geography, hydrology, protected areas;                                                                      Objectives and panels:
1 Dam, 2 History of Lake Buhui, 3 Parking, 4 Buhui Hut, 5 Recreation Area, 6 Birch Species, 7 Douglas Fir Species, 8 Larch Species, 9 Ash Species, 10 Carpenter Species, 11 Aquatic Species, 12 Forest, 13 Spruce Species , 14 Rocks, 15 Amphibians, 16 Black Pine Species 17 Beech Species, 18 Bird Species / Belvedere, 19 Ecosystems / Belvedere, 20 Buhui - Mărghitaş Reserve.

Karst thematic trail in Semenic Cheile Carașului National Park

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Semenic National Park - Cheile Carașului aims to protect terrestrial, aquatic and underground ecosystems and the karst includes all these types, constituting one of the most interesting areas, with spectacular landscapes.
The thematic route has an educational role to offer the possibility of understanding the landforms in the terrain. Route: Comarnic — Navesul Mare, on the county road DJ582C.
Duration: 1 hour to Navesul Mare (Sequoiadendron giganteum tree).

Length: 4.4 km. Difference in level: 135m. Altitude 410m Comarnic, 545m Navesul Mare.
The theme of the panels: karst geology, karst, gorges and canyons, calcareous ridges,
walls and grottoes, sinkholes, sinkholes and springs, calcareous tuff, caves.
On the thematic route, numerous karst forms can be observed, the development of which is detailed in the explanatory panels:
The Comarnic karst valley has steep slopes with numerous vertical walls, ridges, ledges and grottoes. In the bottom of the valley there are numerous ponds and on the slopes several dozen caves. Valea Navesului is a dry karst valley through which in the past the Ponicova stream flowed and flowed into the Comarnic valley. Later, it partially turned into a valley of sinkholes. Ponorul Popovaț is a still active valley that determined the formation of the Popovaț Cave by draining water underground to the Caraş River. Ponoror Ponicova is located at the downstream end of the valley with the same name and represents the entrance of water into the Comarnic Cave. After an underground course, the water comes to the surface again in the Comarnic valley. The slopes of the valley are steep.

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