Comarnic Cave

Published on July 22, 2022
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Comarnic Cave nature reserve

             The visiting schedule of the COMARNIC cave is between May and September. During this period, on Saturdays and Sundays, guidance is provided. The minimum group is 5 people.

Visiting schedule of the COMARNIC cave.

10³º – 12³º
13ºº – 15ºº
15³º – 17³º

During the rest of the year, the cave can be visited upon request.

Monday - Friday we provide a guide only upon request made in advance at least 24 hours before the visit, for a minimum group of 5 people.
Visiting the Comarnic cave requires appropriate footwear for the mountain.

If the group of visitors is smaller than 5 people, the Comarnic Cave can be visited by paying the price of tickets for 5 people.

Visiting fee: 25 lei/adults and 10 lei/students

Car access:

From Reșita, take the national road 58 towards Anina, at kilometer 9 there is the intersection towards the village of Iabalcea, turn left and continue the road until the village of Iabalcea.
Cross the village and the road continues to the canton of Padina Seacă.
The road to the cave can be continued on foot (approx. 45 min) or by car.

Contact person :

  • Ifca Nicolae - 0763276349 
  • Filca Marcel - 0727506575

The Comarnic Cave is located in the heart of the Banat Mountains, approximately halfway between Reşita and Anina, near the confluence of the Comarnic stream and the Caraş river, being a speleological reserve (since 1947) in the Semenic National Park - Cheile Caraşului.
             The cave has two main entrances: one upstream (in the southeast direction), at an altitude of 473 m, where the Ponicova stream also enters, and a second one, downstream (to the north), located on the Navesu Mic slope, at an altitude of 443 m, from the immediate vicinity of Comarnic Canton (200 m); the level difference between the two entrances is 30 m.
             The Comarnic cave is the most beautiful and wild cave in Banat and even in Romania. It is the second longest in Banat (6,201 m), being surpassed in length only by the Buhui Cave (6,547 m).
             Of the more than 6,200 m structured on 3 levels (fossil, subfossil and active), tourists can only see the upper level, the "dry" one, over a length of 1750 m. The lower level is crossed by the underground course of the Ponicova stream.

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