Caraş Citadel (Krasso', Krassofovar, Grat, Turcului), Surface

Published on August 09, 2022

Caraş Citadel (Krasso', Krassofovar, Grat, Turcului), Surface: 1,000 sqm, altitude 380m:
It is part of the system of medieval fortifications in Banat, built at the beginning of the period of the Angevin (Hungarian) Kingdom, attested in 1323. It functioned for centuries XIV - XVI and from 1520 it was under Ottoman rule until it was abandoned.
The walls of the fortress have an irregular polygonal shape, built on a limestone promontory at the edge of the steep Cheilor Caraşului, with an area of ​​approx. 1,000 square meters. On one side, in front of the entrance, there are two defensive ditches dug into the rock, and inside are the foundations of some buildings and a water tank (well) that is partially closed. Among the Carasova castellans, the most outstanding personality was that of Filipo Scolari, a Hungarian statesman and captain of Florentine origin. He became "Pippo di Ozora" after his marriage to Barbara di Ozora and "Count of Temesvár" (Timisoara) in 1407.
The archaeological material consisted of ceramics dating from the 13th-15th centuries and fragments of weapons.
The site is protected, included in the National Cultural Heritage of Romania. It is part of the list of Historical Monuments, code: CS-I-s-B-10808 (RAN: 51029.20.01, 51029.20.02) and the Cheile Carașului Natural Reserve.

At the entrance to the fortress, you can see two successive defensive ditches, dug into the rock. On the edge of the second trench, there are the outer defensive walls with a height of several meters. Inside the fortress you can visit segments of the foundation of some buildings and in the central area a wide well with walls partially built of stone.
In the southeast of the city is a lookout point from where you can see the Caraş Gorges towards Poiana Prolaz in the southeast, the Caraş Gorges and the town of Caraşova in the southwest and the Caraş River and the path dug into the rock to the south. It can be visited without a guide.
The secondary route Crucea Iabalcei – Poiana Prolaz, marked with a red triangle, is 3 km long and crosses the edge of the Carașului Gorge. From Crucea Iabalcei to Caraşului Citadel is 1.1km and from Poiana Prolaz to Caraşului Citadel is 1.9km.

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